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Americans can escape dependency and poverty by increasing the SNAP employment requirements

By Republican congressman from South Dakota, Dusty Johnson. I can relate to the benefits and drawbacks of receiving government support since I was a child on food stamps. Work, training, and education open doors to economic opportunity and morality. While we are experiencing a record labor shortage, many Americans are sitting on the sidelines.

Although we have the positions, we lack the workers to fill them. There is no particular solution that works for everyone, but there are several areas of government policy that are hurting instead of assisting Citizens in returning to labor.

The federal government suspended all existing employment limitations for government support programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program during the COVID-19 outbreak. This made sense in the haze of battle. Government should not have prevented Americans that lost their employment due to the pandemic from receiving food assistance as soon as possible.

Yet, these broad permissions have continued for far too long—2020 is already 3 years away. Job limitations for welfare programs like SNAP have been misused well before the pandemic. It’s about time for change as the COVID-19 Emergency Authorization comes to a close and existing laws resume their application. It’s time for the America Works Act, my bill.

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