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American Businesses Are Still Being Impacted By The Pandemic

In many ways, the pandemic seemed to have an impact on business. A major issue has been a labor shortage.

Government support has been criticized for making employment unappealing, the need for adults to stay at home while their children are obliged to stay at home, and very serious safety issues.

Will labor shortages persist once the pandemic has passed? Because a lot has changed since the epidemic, it’s uncertain what the “new normal” will be, however, for the time being, South Carolina continues to struggle to fill posts.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, has issued research on the States in 2022 where employers are having the most difficulty hiring.

WalletHub examined the 50 states and the District of Columbia depending on the number of job postings in the most recent month and the previous 12 months to find where employers are having the greatest difficulty.

Employers in South Carolina are having the eighth most difficult time finding qualified candidates:

  • The rate of job openings in the previous month was 6.80%.
  • The rate of job openings in the last 12 months was 7.24 percent.

Visit to read the entire report.

Small businesses serve as a barometer for the state of the labor market.

According to the January NFIB Small Business Optimism Index, 47 percent of business owners reported job vacancies that were not filled. Owners’ plans to fill unfilled positions remain at record significant levels, with an annual rate net of 26% planning to create new employment in the next 3 months, down two points from December and just six points below the highest reading in the survey’s 48-year history set in August.

According to the NFIB’s monthly employment report, a net 50% of employers reported increasing compensation, a 48-year high. In the next three months, a net 27 percent aim to increase remuneration. Labor expenses were regarded as the top company challenge by 11% of owners, while labor quality was cited by 23% of those surveyed.

Inflation, which 22 percent of small firms indicated is their single most significant business challenge, remains unchanged from December, when it reached its highest level since 1981, thanks to rising wages and increasing pricing. The net percentage of proprietors increasing average selling prices grew four percentage points to 61 percent, the greatest level since the fourth quarter of 1974.

With a labour scarcity and rising inflation, it’s safe to assume that the pandemic’s economic impact is still enormous and shows no signs of abating.

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