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All you need to know about Suspect Cast

Suspect Cast

A crime drama series is comprised of 8 suspects having origins from British roots. One of the television series that can easily be added to the must-watch list is the one titled ‘Suspect’. The television series Suspect has been making the headlines for quite a few years and has been written by Matt Baker. Dries Vos directed the series, and eight episodes have been released. The original network for the broadcast of the television series suspect is Channel 4, and to date, only the first season of the series is available to the audience. No further updates for season two are available, but let’s stay tuned and wait for the renewal of the series for the second season. Until then, we have eight episodes to get acquainted with the plot of the series Suspect.

What is the cast of the television series Suspect?


The cast of the series Suspect, which amazes the audience is enough to create a fanbase that surprises with their performances. The cast member of the series Suspect is James Nesbitt, who plays the character of Danny Frater; another character for the television series is Jaisal, played by Sacha Dhawan. Anne-Marie Duff plays the character of Susannah, and another cast member, Sam Heughan, plays the character of Ryan. Niamh Algar plays the character of Nicola, and Richard E. Grant plays the character of Harry. Ben Miller plays the character of Richard, and Antonia Thomas plays the character of Maia. These are the characters of the series Suspect and have contributed with their phenomenal performances.

What is the release date of the television series Suspect?

Suspect Release Date

The production company for the television series Suspect is Eagle Eye Company, based in the United Kingdom. The release date for the television series is June 19 2022, and to date, a total of eight episodes have been released. Although, the series received limited appreciation and some critics called the script for the series Bleak. Eight episodes were released on June 19 2022, and almost every episode was half-hour long. The plot of the television series Suspect is related to the detective James Nesbitt, who goes to the hospital for a routine ID Check. But the corpse he was performing his checks was of his estranged daughter, and Imogen King played the character. The character of Danny Frater does not believe that his daughter has ended her own life, and now his only mission is to find out the reason for the death of her daughter Christina.

What are the IMDB Ratings for the series Suspect?

Suspect IMDB Ratings

The IMDB Ratings for a series matter as much as the content of the television series or a film. So, the IMDB Ratings for the television series Suspect is 5.3 out of 10, and the series’ popularity is around thirteen hundred on the official list of IMDB Ratings. The genre that the television series Suspect follows is Crime, Drama and Mystery. The official broadcasting channel for the series Suspect is ‘Channel 4’, and they have not confirmed whether the series will return for another season. Although the series has done average, some links are yet to be discovered in the plot. So, the series Suspect must return, and they must return with a bang.  


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