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All you need to know about Britannia Season 3

Britannia Season 3

Britannia is a television series that focuses on the genre of Historical Fantasy Drama. The Television Series Britannia was created by Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth and originally aired on Sky Atlantic broadcasting network. The Broadcasting Channel Sky Atlantic renders the facility only in the United Kingdom and Ireland. So, for the United States of America, The television series Britannia is available on the Online Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video. The country of origin for the television series Britannia is the United Kingdom, and the distributor for the series is NBC Universal Global Distribution. Earlier the television series Britannia was distributed by Sky Vision. The original release date for the series Britannia was back in 2017. It has been five years since the series is on air, and we have 27 episodes and three seasons available. The insights on the Television Series Britannia are here, and also on the latest Season 3:


What is the cast of Britannia Season 3?

Britannia Cast

If the cast is appealing, the audience becomes a fan and waits for the upcoming twists and turns in the story. Let us now find out about the cast of Britannia and who has made a lot of buzz in the entertainment industry. The cast members for the television series are David Morrissey, who plays the character of Aulus Plautius. Another cast member is Fortunato Cerlino playing the character of Vespasian, Hugo Speer, playing the character of Lucius, Daniel Caltagirone, playing the role of Brutus; and Aaron Pierre has been cast for the position of Antonius. Other cast members include Zaqi Ismail, Rene Zagger, Gerard Monaco, Steve Pemberton and others.


What is the release date of Britannia Season 3?

Britannia Release Date

Season one of the Television Series Britannia was launched on March 15, 2018, and the first nine episodes were released. The average run time of an attack ranges from forty-three minutes to seventy minutes. The second season of the television series was launched in 2019 and the second season comprised a total of ten episodes. Britannia’s third season was launched in 2022, and nine episodes were released. If one wants to access all three seasons of the television series Britannia is available on Amazon prime Video and the Online Streaming Platform Sony Liv. So, this weekend if you like the genre of History and Fiction, you can watch the television series Britannia. 


What is the plot of the television series Britannia?

Britannia Plot

You must have heard the famous Shakespearean story of Julius Caesar, which is depicted in the television series Britannia. The character of General Albus and Lucius is determined not to let the famous character of Julius Caesar fail. The story’s plot is based on ancient Roman society, and the series has 27 episodes. One can binge-watch the series and find out the following and upcoming twists and turns. The Sky Go Channel has announced that the television series will return for the fourth season on August 23, 2022. The sources also have that the series will be available on the Online Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video.


What are the IMDB Ratings of TV Series Britannia?

Britannia IMDB Ratings

With over 16 thousand reviews on the official website of IMDB, the television series has been rated 6.8 out of 10. However, the popularity of the show has seen a decline and stands on the position of 1,052 on the popularity list. The series is about ancient society and historical drama based on the Shakespearean story of Julius Caesar. The cast has done a phenomenal job in the television series Britannia. The fans who have watched the series have described it as a Great Fantasy Show. The show is set in the 43 AD Roman Army, where women and men are in a war, in a place named Britannia. 

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