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All you need to know about “Avenue 5 season 2”

Two years after the premiere of the first season of Avenue 5, season 2 is finally coming our way. We’ll take up where we left off, with the passengers and staff facing a significant problem.

Don’t worry, new episodes are about to premiere, so we’ll soon be catching up with this gang of misfits and hopefully receiving some answers while we’re at it. At the same time, we’ve had to wait almost as long as the first delays experienced by passengers on the Avenue 5 ship itself, don’t worry.

All you need to know about "Avenue 5 season 2"

We learned at the end of season 1 that the passengers who had hoped to take an eight-week space cruise now have an eight-year journey back, and as you would imagine, folks aren’t very happy about that.

The passengers have also been misled; the visible “crew” on the bridge was revealed to be actors and models, and their bridge “controls” were props, with the real work taking place behind the scenes because Judd was more concerned with appearance than anything else. In addition, supplies are running low, so it’s hardly a luxury cruise anymore. Wow, what a mess!

The show’s creator, Armando Iannucci stated to TV Insider: “Fascism and authoritarianism, democracy and bravery, a struggle for survival, and a death lottery are what’s next. Every single cliché found in a sitcom.”

Yikes. Here is what is known about Avenue 5 season 2 in light of that.

Release Date

On Monday, October 10, the television show Avenue 5 will be back. It will be available on HBO and HBO Max in the US, while Sky Comedy and NOW TV will carry it in the UK.

If you want to get caught up before the new season premieres, you can also watch the full first season on demand.


Avenue 5 season 2 takes up following a slew of shocking revelations, such as a longer than anticipated return trip, false cast, and crew, and a joke in which Hugh Laurie’s captain character pretends to be American so that people will find him “more reassuring” when, in reality, he is British.

The second season’s plot has been made public by HBO and is as follows:

Avenue 5 takes us to a not-so-distant future where space tourism is a booming business. While manning a luxury spacecraft owned by Herman Judd (Josh Gad), Captain Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie) finds himself in over his head when the ship is thrown disastrously off-course— turning what was meant to be an eight-week cruise into an eight-year journey.”

“Picking up five months after failing to reroute the vessel, season two follows the crew — including fiery engineer Billie (Lenora Crichlow), unpredictable head of customer relations Matt (Zach Woods), and faithful right-hand Iris (Suzy Nakamura)— as they struggle to lead, calm, control, and, if need be, hide from increasingly unruly passengers. On Earth, they’re lauded as heroes, and in space, everyone can hear them scream.”


Many of the key figures from the first season return in the Avenue 5 season 2 cast. Hugh Laurie (but not really) acts as the captain. As millionaire Avenue 5 owner Herman Judd, Ryan Clark, and Josh Gad star.

Zach Woods plays Head of Customer Relations Matt Spencer, Rebecca Front plays Karen Kelly, Suzy Nakamura portrays Iris Kimura, a co-owner of Avenue 5, and Lenora Crichlow plays Billie McEvoy, the ship’s second engineer.

The sitcom premieres on October 10 with a massive cast that also includes Nikki Amuka-Bird, Ethan Phillips, Daisy May Cooper, Lucy Punch, and Himesh Patel. This cast is anticipated to return for another season.




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