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All about Fear the Walking Dead season 7 you need to know

Walking Dead season 7


After the plot twist ending of Walking Dead season 6, where Daniel kills Rollie and Charlie kills Riley, fans desperately anticipated the arrival of season 7. The team reaches Daniel’s coordinates and discovers the shocking truth of him being right, as they get picked up by a CRM helicopter sent by Althea. Were all the deaths of the characters justified? What explanations are coming up in season 7?

Who is the Walking Dead season 7 cast?

Walking Dead season 7 cast

In season 7 of Walking Dead, Madison Clark is to be played by Kim Dickens, the season’s biggest surprise. She appeared to be killed in season 4, but her new arrival is hinted at through the released teaser of season 7. Alycia Debnam-Carey will be playing Alicia Clark, Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar, and Colman Domingo will play Victor Strand. Danay Garcia will play Luciana Galvez, and the AI, which is short for Althea, will be played by Maggie Grace. Morgan James is performed by Lennie James, while Jenna Elfman will play June Dorie. Most of the characters are the same as the last season; there is an exciting series for the show.

Total Number Episodes In Walking Dead season 7 :

Walking Dead season 7 episodes

Season 7 of the Walking Dead comes in two parts with eight episodes each. The first episode of part 1 begins with an episode called ‘the beacon’ followed by ‘six hours. The thirst episode is called ‘Cindy Hwakins’ with ‘Breath with me as the next. ‘Till Death, ‘reclamation,’ ‘The portrait’ as the last few episodes of part one of season 7. In the second part, the eighth episode begins as ‘PADRE’ followed by ‘follow me. The next few episodes are called ‘mourning cloak,’ ‘Ofelia,’ ‘Sunny boy,’ ‘the raft,’ ‘divine providence,’ and ‘Amina .’The finale episode ends with an episode called ‘Gone.’

What is the plot of Walking Dead season 7 part 1?

Walking Dead season 7 part 1

‘The Beacon’ begins with the entry of Will, a newcomer who eventually gets captured by Victor’s rangers. After the nuclear blast, Morgan, Grace, and baby Mo have been living in Pennsylvania. John, Teddy’s last victim, suffers from alcohol withdrawal and hallucinations.

Dwilight and Sherry form a team called ‘Dark Horses’ as they protect everyone while seeking PADRE. After Althea sends everyone to Pennsylvania, she returns to SWAT alone and creates an animated Riley. The first part ends with Morgan meeting the captain of Dark Horses, who is discovered to be Alicia. 

What is the plot of Walking Dead season part 2?

Walking Dead season 7 part 2

In the second half, months later after the nuclear blast, the only thriving character is Victor Strand. He has formed a fiefdom and collects any survivor who is useful to him. 

 In part 2 of the show’s seventh season, months after the nuclear blast, the only one enjoying life is Victor Strand. Alicia, the leader of the stalker’s members, is facing a mysterious disease and the consequences of her past karma. The season ends with Madison helping Morgan to find Mo and becoming another collector of PADRE. 

Where to watch  walking dead season 7: 

Walking Dead season 7 watch

The series has been uploaded on various platforms like Amazon prime video, Apple TV, Google Play, Microsoft, and HBO max. The show airs on AMC, the television channel, but it can also be streamed on Philo, FuboTV, Hulu + LiveTV, and Youtube TV. The show can also be streamed on the BT Showcase channel called Freeview. Other than these, other platforms are available, like Sling and Roku. As the network keeps expanding, other platforms are increasing the availability of the Walking Dead.