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Aldi Foods That Should be Included In Your Shopping List

Loyal shoppers of Aldi recommended these must-have items.
Loyal shoppers of Aldi recommended these must-have items. (Photo: The Independent)

Loyal shoppers of Aldi list some recommendations on which items are worth picking up for the new shoppers in the retail store. GOBankingRates gather some of the recommended must-have items.

Emporium Goat Cheese

Karen Zerbini, the founder of Supper Sanity, recommended Aldi’s specialty cheese brand, the Emporium Selection. Her favorite in the store is the Emporium Goat Cheese, but the store also offers other specialty cheeses such as Irish cheddar, French Brie, and Spanish Manchego. General prices start at $4.99 for a 4-ounce log.

Friendly Farms Whole Milk Greek Yoghurt

Zerbini recommended this yoghurt as the whole milk variety is creamier and less processed than nonfat and skim milk. The 32-ounce container of yoghurt is just the right price that could last for a week. It is the perfect ingredient for baking, as a substitute for sour cream or topping for oatmeal, and it is also a great snack.

Simple Nature Organic Spring Mix

This item is suitable for those looking for an organic and a fast salad option for lunch and dinner. You can buy the item in the size best suited to your needs.

Aldi revealed the items that top in the 2022 Fan Favorites

Aldi revealed the items that top in the 2022 Fan Favorites. (Photo: Aldi)

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Deli Pizza

Aldi’s 2022 Fan Favorites also revealed some of the store’s most recommended items, including this 16-inch pizza. This pizza has several varieties: pepperoni, supreme, five cheeses, sausage and pepperoni, and thin crust mega meat.

Specially Selected Ravioli

The Specially Selected Ravioli is one of the 2022 Fan Favorited at Aldi. It is a dinner night staple, and you can find it in two flavors: classic cheese or spinach and mozzarella.


You can never go wrong with strawberries, and add them to yoghurt, ice cream, oatmeal, or shortcake. You can also enjoy eating them as snacks. Strawberries have also been featured in Aldi’s 2022 Fan Favorite.

You can also check out Aldi’s website for other fan favorite products.