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Alabama Residents Will Receive Bigger SNAP Benefits, How Much Are You Going To Receive?

SNAP benefits
SNAP benefits in Alabama has increased. (Photo: Yahoo)

The Alabama Food Assistance announced that residents in the state, who qualified for SNAP benefits, will receive a bigger amount.

SNAP benefits

SNAP benefits in Alabama has increased. (Photo: Yahoo)

Why Are You Going To Receive A Bigger SNAP Benefit?

Recipients of the SNAP benefits in Alabama should expect a bigger amount. This is after the federal mandated to increase the amount to the higher inflation rate. According to an article published in WBRC6, there will be an increase of 12.5 percent.

Alabama Food Assistance Director Brandon Hardin said, “The 12.5 percent is probably the most I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Last October, it started with $250 was the max allotment for an individual. Now, the max allotment for one individual is $281.”

Hardin also added that there are around 774,000 recipients of SNAP benefits across the state. Even though the increase is a mandate from the federal government, this will help thousands of families living in the state.

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Increase in SNAP Benefit is Significant

In an interview, Hardin said, “We have heard from many of our SNAP recipients, especially our elderly that don’t get as many SNAP benefits, that this increase is significant enough to help them.”

The local government is also doing its best to make the grocery more accessible to rural areas of the state. Hardin explained, “Food deserts in rural Alabama are an issue, but I would say in rural Jefferson County, they have become an issue.”

Hardin also said that they are now in partnerships with several grocery stores to allow online ordering of EBT-eligible items. He concluded, “It allows individuals that may not have access to an actual grocery store within certain miles to be able to order those groceries, plan their trip, and be able to pick them up.”

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