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Alabama Lawmakers are considering of giving tax rebates to eligible taxpayers.


Alabama lawmakers are eyeing possible tax rebates as the state sees a budget surplus. The state budget for education contains a $2.7 billion surplus. The education budget committee chair expects rebate checks, tax cuts, and putting money in reserves. The amount of money returned to Alabamians will be determined by how eligibility is assessed.

The amount would depend on the eligibility criteria, but at least $200 or $250 could be sent to individual files and up to $400 or $500 to couples filing jointly (Jain, 2023).

According to the Kaiser Foundation, Alabama is one of only 11 states that did not expand its Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act to provide healthcare coverage to low-income people that’s why having Medicaid expansion would bring healthcare coverage to more than 300,000 people in Alabama.

Republicans who hold a lopsided majority in the Alabama Legislature are opposing the expansion. But the state Senate budget committee chair is making that sure the state won’t face budget cuts during an economic downturn.

Sen. Greg Albritton says rebates will be on the table, but he would like to see the education surplus put in a trust to fund scholarships. Also, he added that it would be a better return to the taxpayers than a simple rebate.