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Agreement in tragic death lawsuit reached with mom of 14-year-old who died during a fall off ride in Orlando

The Florida theme park and the ride’s owner have agreed to a deal with the mom of the Missouri boy, 14, that passed away while falling off a free-fall attraction there the previous year. Her lawyer announced on Wednesday.

Tyre Sampson, on spring break alongside his football team, when he passed away on March 24, 2022, fell from his seat on a 400-foot-tall ride at Icon Park in Orlando.

A tragic death complaint brought one month after his passing claimed that he fell from the swing, which lacked seat straps, at least 100 feet into the rough ground.

Nekia Dodd, Tyre’s mother, went to the theme park on Wednesday for the first time following her son’s passing to witness the tall ride’s deconstruction.

“I arrived today; this is my first visit to Florida. I regret having to escape in these conditions. The situation is bittersweet. I’m grateful that the ride is decreasing, but my son won’t return,” she told reporters.

“On this ride, my kid breathed his last. It’s horrible and heartbreaking. She spoke while Tyre’s sister and cousin stood at her side. “It’s a pain that I wish no parent has to go through when this thing comes down,” she added.

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