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California News

After winter disasters, illegal migrant laborer’s and cannabis farmers are requesting support from California

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that United Way, which is among the biggest nonprofits in the country, might provide $600 cheques to farm laborers and cannabis producers harmed by the storms, irrespective of their legal status, after weeks of intense rain in California. While illegal migrant laborers and cannabis companies don’t eligible for federal government emergency relief, the governor failed to give state cash to them.

People and their family members who run cannabis companies allegedly saw their greenhouses leak, and a few even shut them up when the rain started. Winter floods that hit California’s central coast have caused small rivers to develop in locations like Monterey County in recent years.

About 300 individuals reportedly slept in various shelters in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties, with a large number residing at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. Estimates suggest that almost 8,500 residents were affected to flood emergency warnings in Monterey County the previous weekend.

Many illegal immigrants have relocated to other regions of the state following the most recent waves of wind and rain-caused floods from the Pajaro River Levee and relocated several of them. Considering the crisis that has become known as America’s salad bowl, many people are curious about how state and local government leaders will react to their requests for direct support.

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