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After a strike on Russian cruise missiles in Crimea, Ukraine declares that it is time to “go”

Tuesday, following a drone strike in Crimea that damaged Russian cruise missiles, a spokeswoman for Ukraine’s Operational Command South asked the invaders to “go.”

On Monday, the military intelligence service of Ukraine reported that a blast in the Crimean Peninsula’s northern city of Dzhankoi “damaged Kalibr-NK cruise missiles which were getting transported by railways.”

Later, according to Russian news sources, drone attacks were conducted there while a train carrying expensive cruise missiles traveled nearby.

“The hub station is called Dzhankoi. Even at the start of a full-scale invasion, it was predicted that the operations might be the major way to affect the enemy’s plans for Crimea” As per a report by Pravda, Natalia Humeniuk, chief of the Joint Press Center for Ukraine’s Operational Command South, stated on Tuesday. “At this point, it is obvious that they must go.”

Although it wouldn’t be the 1st time Crimea – that Russia has claimed since 2014 – has already been assaulted during the Ukrainian crisis, Fox News Digital was unable to investigate the situation thoroughly. Kyiv has not admitted direct involvement in the attack.

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