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Accused Rioter Seen Storming Pelosi’s Office Requests Judge: Don’t Allow Prosecutors to Inform Jury of Police Who Died After January 6

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The man seen standing on a desk in the office of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requested a federal judge not to allow prosecutors to bring up the names of U.S. Capitol police officers who passed away after January 6, 2021.

Defense lawyers issued a flurry of petitions on Monday as accused rioter Richard “Bigo” Barnett prepared for jury selection, attempting to stop the government from calling particular witnesses and making specific claims throughout the trial. In connection with the events of January 6, Barnett is charged with interrupting an official proceeding, breaking into a secured building while armed, stealing from the government, and other offenses.

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When he was photographed in Pelosi’s office, leaning back and beaming, the hazardous weapon mentioned in the accusation stun gun was seen in his pants.

Barnett’s attorney Brad Geyer requested U.S. District Judge Christopher Reid Cooper not to enable the government to bring the Pelosi staff member who utilized that desk as a witness in 2 significant motions.

Geyer also opposes prosecutors telling juries that 5 police officers died on January 6, 2021, while defending the Capitol, calling that widely cited figure a “falsehood.”

Geyer cited Merrick Garland’s recent comments marking the second anniversary of the attack on the Capitol as evidence that “the Attorney General, the President of the United States, and others have repeated this falsehood numerous times over the last 2 years.”