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According to Fish and Wildlife Officer, Bears are Attempting to “Hunt” Mankind

During his career, a former Canadian Fish and Wildlife investigator discovered terrible evidence that shows bears are starting to “hunt” humans.

Murray Bates, a 34-year veteran of the organization, recently shared his experiences working with the predators in five different areas of Alberta in a letter to Mountain View Today.

About Black Bears

Black bears and grizzlies were trapped, relocated, and put down during most of Bates’ career. All of the incidents of predatory behavior he committed against both people and domestic animals were recorded in a diary that he kept. He later wrote five books about the subject.

In his journal, he noted that “I diarized that the black bear was getting more predatory, and the grizzly was remaining mostly defensive.”

Simply put, black people began to “hunt” humans, domestic animals, and small livestock. Grizzlies killed people occasionally while protecting their territory, young, and food. “Hunt is the essential word here,” he continued.

Bates saw that black bears were becoming more and more aggressive toward people over the years. But Grizzlies were “maintaining traditional patterns of a strike or kill,” according to the study.

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