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According to a Study, Consuming Cannabis Regularly May cause Heart Attacks

A new study suggests that regularly consuming cannabis, whether smoked or eaten, may increase your risk of having a heart attack.

Daily marijuana users or consumers of edibles mixed with the drug have a 30% increased risk of coronary artery disease (CAD.)

According to one of the essential studies on the lengthy effects of drugs on the heart, the danger increases with the amount of smoking.

The most popular type of heart disease, CAD, is brought on by cholesterol shrinking the arteries that supply the organ with blood, which results in tiredness, difficulty breathing, and chest pain.  It can also result in heart attacks.

No issue if users smoked, consumed alcohol, had severe cardiovascular risk factors, or were of any particular age or sex, the strong connection was maintained.

It also did not affect how cannabis was consumed by users, whether they smoked the drug, consumed edibles, or used it another way.

In England and Wales, marijuana has continuously been the most widely used drug, with 7.4% of people aged 16 to 59 admitting to using it in the past year.

In the process, roughly 18% of adults in the United States take the drugs on an annual basis due to legalization in numerous states.

Cannabis use disorder is a serious psychiatric condition that affects how regularly and dependently users use the drug.

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