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A Mother was Arrested, when her 6-Year-Old was Roaming Around in Newhall. Why She is still in Custody in Sheriff Station?

A mother and a woman were arrested in Newhall when police found that her 6-year-old girl is roaming and wandering around Newhall. Her mother was arrested on a Monday evening. At the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station, a deputy makes a call and informed about a missing or a found person. The spokeswoman makes the phone call in the afternoon at around 2 P.M.

Then they informed deputies that a 6-year-old girl kid is missing and found in Newhall without her parents. The case becomes complicated when they found an alone kid roaming around in the middle of the night. And also informed the signals by writing down an Email.

Immediately, after getting the call, the deputies started their investigation in search of her mother or parents. The deputies were repeatedly trying to find her mother. While the investigation is going on, the deputies found out that the child was noticed repeatedly roaming around in that area.

About the Mother of the Child and Why She Was Locked in Sheriff Station?

The mother of a 6-year-old kid is 41 years old. And the old lady was arrested around 4 P.M. She was accused of child neglect and that’s the reason she got arrested. Also, the woman left her kid very carelessly, the kid might have had heavy body injuries and she could hurt herself. As she is only 6 years old, she can’t take of herself and is not even independent yet.

The suspect or her mother is locked in the Sheriff’s Station and they set the bail amount at $50,000, which is a huge amount of money. According to sources and reports, the mother is still locked in the station and under custody since Tuesday afternoon. It seems like she has not bailed out yet, as the bail amount is not very pocket-friendly for her.

Now the only concern of the police and the public is that the kid is now safe and she has someone to take care of her. As her mother is locked and still in custody. But otherwise, her mother can’t able to take care of her child and now that’s why she is in the custody.

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