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A $200 one-time rebate is now available for Americans – see if you can claim

Residents of Oklahoma have to complete form 538-H to claim the credit or property tax refund worth the amount of $200. The form they need to file is due on or before the date June 30, 2023.

This is dependent on very few factors: like the Gross Household Income, Oklahoma residency, age, or disability of the recipient.

The Gross Household Income refers to the amount of income they earn or receive, regardless of where the source is, received by each living individual in the same household.

This includes if the income was taxable or not. Examples of this are that it may include pensions, annuities, social security, unemployment payments, veteran’s disability compensation, and school grants or scholarships.

This may also consist of support money, public assistance payments, alimony, workmen’s compensation, loss-of-time insurance payments, capital gain, and lastly self-employment.

All claims for the relief must be received by the Oklahoma Tax Commission on June 30, 2023, or before that date. If the date of the deadline falls on a legal holiday or weekend when the office of OTC is closed, your return of yours is due the next business day.

Your return must be postmarked by the due date that is a filed on-time file is considered. But you should note that an amended return is not returned to be filed to claim this credit after the scheduled due date.

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