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$85,000-Worth Hunter Biden Art for Sale at a Manhattan Art Gallery Despite Continued Investigations in Washington

Hunter Biden's art pieces. (Photo: The US Sun)

The Hunter Biden, the son of US President art pieces will be sold at $85,000 a piece as part of a group exhibition called “Bridging the Abstract” at a New York gallery show in SoHo.

Hunter Biden’s art piece of blown ink is shown at a gallery. (Photo: Pressreader)

Controversy Surrounding Hunter Biden’s Art

US President Joe Biden‘s son has put three of his artworks up for display at a Manhattan art gallery for $85,000 each, CNN reported. The pieces are part of a group exhibition titled “Bridging the Abstract” at the Georges Bergès Gallery in SoHo, showcasing major abstract expressionists such as Helen Frankenthaler and Elaine de Kooning.

However, Hunter Biden’s art shows have sparked ethical concerns and attracted criticism, with previous pieces selling for up to $500,000. More so, some thought of the possibility that buyers are seeking to gain political influence through the presidential son’s art. The scrutiny on Hunter Biden’s art sales has intensified since the Republicans took the majority in the House of Representatives, leading to further questions about his business dealings.

Georges Bergès, Hunter’s gallerist, remains supportive despite investigations in Washington. Bergès acknowledged that representing Hunter Biden as an artist has been challenging, and one must believe in him as an artist on many different levels to continue. While questions persist regarding Hunter Biden’s art sales, some experts believe that they are not illegal, as the prices are set by the market, and there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.

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Is Hunter Biden’s Art Good?

Hunter Biden’s art has received attention due to ethics questions surrounding people buying his artwork for large sums as a way to gain favor with President Joe Biden. Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Sebastian Smee was interviewed by CNN about what he thought of Hunter’s art to which he described it as technically impressive but eclectic and lacking the compelling reason to be shared with the public.

He compares Biden’s work to that of a “cafe painter” and notes that while formal training can count for a lot, there have been many great artists without any formal training. Smee sees Biden’s work as decorative but lacking in internal logic and underlying poetry. He also notes that while Biden claims to paint to bring forth universal truth, he is not interested in Biden’s idea of universal truth, and there are other people he would go to first.

In general, the art world has given a shoulder shrug to Hunter Biden’s work, and while some may try to make money from his notoriety, most people with influence in the art world see his work as having nothing much to see.


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