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82-year-old Walmart employee working on store floor with cane to pay her bills, until viral TikTok video helped her raise over $130,000

An 82-year-old Walmart clerk is receiving life-altering support through the internet, and she will never forget the “miracle” Christmas she received.

Elizabeth Rizzo, a customer at the supermarket in Arizona, approached Carmen Kelly after spotting that she was using a stick and resting against a cart for support. Rizzo was worried about Kelly’s health when she learned that she was unable to sit down at work and was having financial difficulties covering her medical expenses.

Willing to assist, Rizzo created a Go Fund Me page and uploaded a video of her interaction with Kelly to TikTok with the expectation of generating up to $10,000 so she could retire.

“To help you, Carmen, I’m going to ensure this goes viral. I’ll do my best to try, “said Rizzo. Little did Kelly know that there was only $50 left in her bank account at the moment.

Both of them were more grateful than they could ever have imagined for the actions of a nice stranger. In addition to receiving millions of views on TikTok (15.4 million as of this writing), the video raised more money than 10 times its starting target. Over $131,000 has been collected so far.

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