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$8,000 One-Time Payment, See Who Is Eligible To Claim The Relief

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Mainers can claim the money if they partake in clean energy initiative U.S. energy security had almost $369 billion dedicated towards it, reducing the federal deficit and fighting climate change.

Thanks to the wide array of subsidies and tax credits Americana will now also face lower energy costs introduced by the IRA.

Currently, Mainers can take advantage of the few programs that can help earn up to $10,000 or more in rebates and tax credits.

Those three programs are dedicated to helping to promote cleaner energy.


By 2030 Maine is aiming for 219,000 light-duty electric vehicles on the road to strengthen the greenhouse effect. Mainers can claim a tax credit of up to $7,500 On January 1 when they buy an electric vehicle. Some used electric vehicles also qualify as worth up to $4,000.

A list of requirements is needed to meet for the vehicle: it cannot be purchased for resale purposes and it must be manufactured by a qualifed manufacturer.

It must also meet the definition of a motor vehicle under Title II of the Clean Air Act and have a gross vehicle weight rating of fewer than 14,000 pounds.

The vehicle must be powered to a significant extent by an electric motor with a capacity of a battery of around seven-kilowatt hours or more and is capable of being recharged from an external source of electricity.

This must also have a last assembly in North America. The Internal Revenue Service provides other information on the eligibility rules on its website.

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