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8-Year-Old Boy In Houston found Dead for Months in an Apartment, Mother and Boyfriend Were Arrested

8-year-old boy
8-year-old boy found dead for months in an apartment in Houston. (Photo: Houston Chronicle)

The mother and her boyfriend were arrested after police authorities discovered the body of an 8-year-old boy who was dead for months in an apartment in Houston.

8-year-old boy

8-year-old boy was found dead for months in an apartment in Houston. (Photo: Houston Chronicle)

8-Year-Old Boy Found Dead for Months

The police were contacted in 2021 by a 15-year-old child who reported that his sibling had been deceased in the next room for months. When the police came, they discovered three additional siblings residing in the flat along with the skeleton remains of an 8-year-old kid.

In a published article in Little Things, authorities tracked the location of the children’s mother and her boyfriend who were not at the apartment when they discovered the dead body of the boy. The two were originally interrogated, then freed, and then subsequently arrested.

The kids were living in abhorrent and horrific circumstances. They were terribly underweight or malnourish in addition to having lived around a dead body for months. Authorities think the parents had been not around the house for a while.

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Mother of the Children and Her Boyfriend Were Arrested

Gloria Williams,35 years old and the mother of the kids, was accused and charged of tampering with a body and causing damage to a child by omission. Meanwhile, Brian Coulter, 31 years old and Williams’ boyfriend, was accused of murdering her kid.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about why the family left the house and what transpired to cause the child’s death. But it was later discovered that the kid had sustained many blunt force traumas.

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