7 Comedy Chinese Drama you should not miss watching

Chinese dramas are exciting and take little time to watch. They offer a wealth of knowledge of this language. The majority of C-drama and TV dramas are made in China. You are perusing the right page if you want to enjoy something entertaining and are curious about some Chinese drama. Here, we offer a collection of some of the top C dramas.

Chinese dramas have significantly impacted the television entertainment business. Chinese drama comes in various genres, including historical fiction, era rom-com, politics, and familial love, among many others.

Several of these programs mix the genres to create a far more complex and intriguing story. The list highlights the top Chinese dramas, primarily in the humor category.

The Prince of Tennis

The Prince of Tennis

The narrative of tennis prodigy Lu Xia, who inherited his dad’s considerable abilities and qualities. He was trapped by his father’s influence while living overseas and was only ever used as a tool to compete in events and earn prizes. Lu Xia lost all enthusiasm for the game and in life as a result.

He recently joined a Chinese high school tennis team and met some folks there who helped him understand his identity as a player and the value of attachment and love in life.

The program is undoubtedly not your normal C-Drama; it does feature some elements of western film. It is full of thrilling tennis matches and countless lessons on locating one’s identity in the world.

 The secret of the three kingdoms

The secret of the three kingdom

The late Han dynasty, which had already ruled for 400 years, is the setting of this Chinese play, adapted from the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms from the fourteenth century. The Television drama only covers the time frame from 200 CE until the end of the Han Dynasty in 220 CE, although the novel depicts events that occurred over a century ago.

Major historical events are shown with accuracy in The Secret of the Three Kingdoms. However, some artistic license was taken. But the drama will still astound you at every turn, even if you are familiar with the background. Try this series if you’re seeking a compelling narrative. However, this one may not be the ideal choice for you if you enjoy very emotional dramas.

 Legend of Fuyao

Legend of Fuyao

Legend of Fuyao is perfect for you if you’re searching for a memorable and thrilling Chinese drama to watch repeatedly! It has a lot of political subplots, but it also has compelling love stories and moving emotional tales. Fu Yao, the main character, develops from a young, obstinate slave girl to a robust and fearless woman who discovers her true courage and strength to set the world straight.

The Legend of Fuyao, based on the Tianxia Guiyuan book Empress Fuyao, is set in a world with five kingdoms ruled by the Imperial City of Wuji. A slave girl from the Taiyuan Kingdom named Fu Yao sets out on a quest through all the kingdoms to find a method to break the curse that has doomed her life after a few sad events. While on this mission, she meets the Wuji crown prince and grows fond of him.

Put your head on my shoulder

Put your head on my shoulder

Put Your Head on My Shoulder is a program you didn’t realize you required in your life and is recognized as one of the most well-liked dramas of 2019.

Si Tu Mo is a happy young lady who is almost completed with school but has no idea what to do next. At that exact moment, Gu Wei Yi, a popular and intelligent student, enters her life. Sparks begin to fly between their paths intersect, but everything changes when they unintentionally end themselves sharing a room. All 24 episodes of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” are available to stream on Netflix, Viki, and YouTube.

The King’s Avatar

The Kings Avatar

The King’s Avatar is a natural action drama centered on gaming, friendship, and glory. The same-named famous Japanese Light Novel inspired it. You can imagine how popular it was, it received 100 million views within four hours after its debut.

Ye Xiu, the all-time top player of the internet game “Glory,” serves as the narrative’s focal point. He is forced to close his online gaming id and stop playing professionally due to several factors.

After that, he begins working as the operator of an internet café. He rejoins the game when he learns that “Glory” is launching a new server. He is prepared to reclaim what was taken from him because he has ten years of gaming experience.

My Little Happiness

My Little Happiness

Do you need a little sappy, quick, and lighthearted romantic comedy to cheer you up? I recommend My Little Happiness as a show. It provides what it advertises. The program has a realistic tack and moves forward through the main heroes’ uncertain lives. I advise you to try this one because it is entertaining to watch and won’t put too much mental strain on you.

Cong Rong is a young lady in her early twenties who is determined. Her mom insists she pursues a business degree abroad, shattering her aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Cong agrees to her mom’s suggestion but returns to her village secretly to start a law practice. When she gets her first law case from her childhood friend Wen Shao Qing, she quickly realizes the abrupt turn her life will soon take.

Hero Dog 2

Hero Dog 2

Hero Dog 2 is considered one of the top Chinese dramas. The story revolves around a canine, a sweet girl, and a dashing lifeguard. The girl is fond of the lifeguard, and finally, they start dating thanks to a kind dog.

Once, Xiao Qi, a troubled homeless dog, was saved by Ou Ye (Wang Yang). Ou Ye is presently employed in a village and has forgotten that Xiao Qi existed. To pay back Xiao Qi for Ou Ye’sYe’s noble deed. At On Ye’sYe’s place of employment, the presence of four-legged animals causes difficulty. The dog is also envious of Ou Ye’sYe’s obsession with lifeguard Bao Yu. Finally, Ou Ye learns how to coexist with her new company and embark on exciting new journeys. Xiao Qi eventually transitions into a rescue dog.

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