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$600 Direct Payments to be Given by Four Cities and States This February – See If You’re Eligible for the Paycheck

$600 to be Received by some American Citizens
$600 to be Received by some American Citizens (PHOTO: THE NEW YORKER)
$600 to be Received by some American Citizens

$600 to be Received by some American Citizens (PHOTO: iSTOCK)

American citizens can now expect four direct paychecks that will be given next month as many cities and states planned to help citizens battle with high inflation.

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Between $400 and $600 to be Given to American Citizens

High inflation has made hard battles for Americans as they bear the burden of high prices on the market especially groceries and foods.

Fortunately, help is on its way. These are the list of four states that are planning to give off money this February.

  1. $600 – Idaho

A $600 one-time lump will continue to give off to eligible Idaho residents in February. Each person will receive a minimum of $300, while joint filers will receive $600. All in all, the Idaho State Tax Commission said it anticipated being given around 800,000 rebates in total of $500 million by the end of March 2023.

2. $400 – Massachusetts

The town of Chelsea, Massachusetts started the secondary phase of its universal basic income program in December, budgeting paychecks of up to $400 to 700 Massachusetts residents.

To be eligible, you must be a Chelsea resident that has an income lower than 30% of the area median income.

$600 to be Received by Qualified Americans Starting February

3. $400 – California

The monthly payments in Coachella, California will start to go out this month and will continue into February.

The cash assistance is equal to $400 every month and will help 140 families for 2 years straight.

To qualify, you must be a resident of Coachella, California. You must also be 18 years old or older and must have a current non-expired government-issued photo ID.

Must have one kid under 12 years old who was residing in your house in 2021. You must have an income lower than $75,000 in 2021 or have a total household income lower than $150,000 in 2020 or 2021.

4. $400 – Virginia

Residents of Alexandria, Virginia is ready to receive $400 paychecks for two years straight starting February. Virginia is giving off money as part of its Recurring Income for Success and Equity program.

170 Recipients selected for the initiative can utilize the cash on whatever they like. There will be no restrictions regarding on how the resident will make use of the money.

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