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$500 Will Be Added to the EBT Cards of Eligible Families in Tennessee Before Holiday Season

$500 additional payment
$500 additional payment will be given to eligible families in Tennessee. (Photo: MARCA)

Eligible families in Tennessee will receive an additional and one-time payment amounting to $500 to their EBT cards before the holiday season.

$500 additional payment

$500 additional payment will be given to eligible families in Tennessee. (Photo: MARCA)

$500 For Eligible Families in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee decided to give an additional $500 to the EBT cards of eligible families before the holiday season. State officials said that the additional payment will help and provide extra support to an estimated 24,000 children.

In a published article in WBIR, an additional payment will soon appear on the EBT cards of families that get aid from the state in finding transportation, child care, educational support, job training, and temporary financial assistance.

Families having a case in the Families First program as of December 1 will receive a one-time, extra $500 payment, according to the Tennessee Department of Human Services. According to the statement, the money would sustain those households’ almost 24,000 children in time for the holiday season.

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What is the “Families First” Program?

The state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, which emphasizes job development and employment, includes the Families First program. It is intended for temporary family participation and focuses on assisting individuals in overcoming obstacles they might encounter while attempting to achieve self-sufficiency.

Commissioner Clarence Carter in a press release said, “Keeping up with the demands of the holiday season can introduce additional hurdles in caring for children, such as accommodating school breaks, providing extra meals, and so much more. This one-time boost in financial assistance is intended to help Families First participants overcome these temporary hurdles, positioning them to start the year off strong.”

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