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‘$5 million is insufficient.’ Activists urge the California reparations committee to set greater standards

Organizers rejected the concept of payouts of $5 million for every individual as “nothing” and “too little,” instead demanding that the state of California give millions of dollars to every Black citizen as reparations to apologize for slavery and the ensuing prejudice.

The requests were made during a face-to-face gathering of the California Reparations Task Group, which was established by state legislation that Governor Gavin Newsom approved in 2020. In deciding on definitive suggestions to present to the California Legislature, which will ultimately choose whether to execute the proposals and deliver those to Newsom’s cabinet to be approved into law, the committee was considering public suggestions.

The task committee is discussing a proposal to provide over 1.8 million Black Californians who have ancestors who were slaves in the United States with slightly below $360,000 per individual, with the program’s entire cost coming to almost $640 billion.

In the meantime, San Francisco is debating its local compensation plans. A new proposal of over 100 reparations suggestions for the city was supported “universally” previously this month by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, such as a suggestion to distribute $5 million to eligible Black citizens. As per Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, the proposal will cost non-Black households in the city a minimum of $600,000.

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