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35 Year Old Man Drops Off A Human Jawbone At San Bernardino Police Station

Unidentified Suspect Drops Off A Human Jawbone At San Bernardino Police Station( Photo: Los Angeles Times)

A human jawbone and possibly animal remains were left at a California police station by an unidentified man on Thursday, according to investigators.

According to a press release from the San Bernardino Police Department, the stranger entered the building carrying “what appeared to be deceased animal remains and a lower jaw that resembled a human.”

According to the police, “At the time, it was unknown if the remains were real jawbone.”

The man then left the station before officers could speak to him, and they haven’t been able to find him since, according to the police.

The grim items left at the station were reported to the coroner’s office, and they arrived at the scene.

Police in California are looking to speak to this man who they say dropped off a human jawbone at the San Bernardino Police station Thursday and left.

Unidentified Suspect Drops Off A Human Jawbone At San Bernardino Police Station(Photo: New York post)

One of the bones was found to be a human jawbone, according to the police.

It is unknown where the man discovered the bone or whose it belonged.

The public is being asked for assistance by the San Bernardino police in finding the person who brought the remains.

A screenshot from a surveillance video showing a bearded man carrying what appears to be a small package was released by the department.

He is described as a 30- to 35-year-old Hispanic man who is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 160 pounds, and has a full beard and mustache. He was last seen with blue jeans and a black hoodie on.

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