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34-year-old man in Denver was charged with allegedly killing 2 men

On Dec. 20, the Police assigned to the case announced that they were conducting an investigation of homicide in the involvement of an adult male who was killed at North Washington Street near the I-70.

Police went to the scene at around 9:50 in the morning and found the victim suffering from multiple apparent puncture wounds to his neck and face, and apparent blunt force injuries on the skull of the victim, according to the arrest affidavit.

An officer in Denver reportedly found a large rock immediately next to the victim’s body. The affidavit says the victim had his name redacted from the affidavit and was likely killed in his sleep.

The Victim’s Bodies Were found Dumped Near Freeway Ramps

An autopsy determined the victim sustained that on his neck and face at least 25 puncture wounds, a large gouge to his neck that opened his jugular, and blunt force trauma to his skull resulting in fractures.

On Dec. 21, Denver Police started the investigation of a second homicide at the exact location where the other body was found, also involving an adult male.

On Dec. 21 at 11:49 a.m., a woman told the police that two of the people she knew said a second victim was found dead under the bridge where he usually sleeps. The woman reportedly saw his body and called the police.

When the police found the second victim’s dead body, they reported that he also suffered from apparent puncture wounds and significant blunt-force trauma on the right side of the victim’s head.

The affidavit said that the victim’s injuries appeared to be exactly similar to the first victim’s wounds. The man was reportedly wrapped in a sleeping bag and was also apparently killed while he was asleep.

Denver Police believed that the deaths of these victims were connected and arrested the 34-year-old named Andrew Mutch as a suspect in the case.

The Suspect Andrew Mutch Was Finally Charged With A First-Degree Murder

The suspect Mutch reportedly had blood on his hands and shoes, as well as a knife was seen to be sticking out of his coat pocket.

Dec. 30, on Friday, the Denver District Attorney’s Office a statement was released saying that the office was charging Andrew Mutch with two counts of first-degree murder. According to the statement, the first victim of Mutch was found under the westbound offramp, while the second victim was found under the eastbound ramp.

Denver Police reportedly found Mutch sleeping just about 15 feet from where they originally discovered the first victim.


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