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$325 Tax Rebate Check For Residents In Indiana

Indiana Residents to Receive Tax Rebates
By November, Residents Of Indiana Might Receive A Tax Rebate Check Worth Up to $325. (Photo: MARCA)

Indiana Residents to Receiver Tax Rebates

By November, Residents Of Indiana Might Receive A Tax Rebate Check Worth Up to $325. (Photo: Washington Examiner)

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Tax rebates totaling up to $325 for individual filers and $650 for joint filers could be received soon by Indiana residents.

Back when it was August, the Indiana state legislature gave an additional rebate of $200 for individual applicants and $400 for those who filed jointly. came on top of the $125 and $250 refunds for single and joint filers, respectively, for 2020 tax filers that were slated to take place under the state’s automatic taxpayer refund system.

A lot of residents in the state may have already received their initial rebate of $125 and $250, as well as the second one, via direct deposit. Regardless, there have been some people who may have been afflicted by pauses due to supply chain woes.

According to the Indiana Department of Revenue, people who were eligible for the initial payment, and those who did not yet receive one, will also qualify. And at the first round, qualified residents can receive payments via immediate deposit or tax rebate checks in the mail.

Residents Of Indiana Are To Receive A Tax Rebate Check Worth Up to $325 by November

Residents must have also qualified for the initial rebate to also qualify for the additional $200 or $400 payment. In other words, they must have received Social Security benefits in 2022 and must not be registered as a dependent on a 2022 income tax return for Indiana.

Over 1.5 million of the first round automatic refunds were told out to 2.1 million taxpayers worth over $254 million by Aug. 3, according to the state’s department of revenue. By Aug. 16, almost 1.5 million direct deposit refunds for the additional rebate had been doled out, totaling over $403 million.

According to a published post by Washington Examiner, on Aug. 5 Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill approving the additional $200 automatic taxpayer refund. The provision also transferred roughly $1 million in budgets to the pension stabilization fund.