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$3,200 Stimulus To Be Given To Millions of Americans, Are You Qualified?

GAO announced that millions of Americans are still about to receive stimulus check this month. (Photo: MARCA)

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) announced that millions of Americans could still claim $3,200 stimulus before the deadline on Nov.15.


GAO announced that millions of Americans are still about to receive stimulus checks this month. (Photo: MARCA)

$3,200 Stimulus for Millions of Americans

The stimulus check has been the hallmark of the country since the pandemic began. It helped millions of Americans and other qualified individuals to meet their daily needs and buy their basic commodities like food amid the economic recession.

Recently, the GAO announced that those who make little to no income remain eligible to claim their stimulus checks. Even though they are not required to pay their taxes. The only thing that they need to do is to complete a simplified tax return and get their relief payments is Nov. 15 or before the mentioned deadline, according to a report published in MSN News.

Additionally, GAO also said that taxpayers who missed the two deadlines, April 15 and Oct.17, are also eligible. The agency estimated that there are around 9 to 10 million who are eligible to receive the $3,200 stimulus.

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3 Rounds of Payments and a Child Tax Credit

GAO noted that the federal government stimulus worth $931 billion from April 2020 to December 2021. This is equivalent to three rounds of payments that benefited around 165 million Americans and qualified individuals living in the country and abroad.

The agency also added that Congress temporarily extended the Child Tax Credit (CTC). The amount will be added to the $3,200. This aims to reduce financial distress and food insecurity. GAO said, “eligible families received advance monthly payments of half their total expected CTC, benefiting around 84% of U.S. children from July to December 2021”.

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