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31-year-old Sentenced 25 Years After Declared Not Guilty in New Jersey

In a New Jersey killing that took place less than a year after it was declared not guilty in a related homicide twelve years prior, a man was sentenced to 25 years in prison, according to the prosecution.

Based to Hudson County prosecutors, Diamond Robinson, 26, was shot and killed in Bayonne in September 2019. Anthony Shuler, 31 years old from Jersey City, received the punishment on Thursday. His first-degree aggravated manslaughter conviction in the killing was entered into last summer. The phrase is intended to offer some solace to the victim’s loved ones, according to a statement from Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Roe.

Base on the article published by US News on January 14, 2023, the sentence is more than three times as long as the eight years Shuler was imprisoned while he awaited trial for the Jersey City murder of Darren Edwards in June 2010. In August 2018, a jury that deliberated for less than three hours found him not guilty in that case.

Shuler thanked God for allowing him to go through his struggle without hesitation after being found not guilty.

Robinson was discovered shot in the face by Bayonne police ten months later. According to a criminal complaint filed in 2019, Shuler’s girlfriend named him as the shooter, and video surveillance captured him leaving the apartment. About 90 minutes later, after a citywide search, he was taken into custody.