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$300 TANF Program for Low-Income Families – Are You Eligible?

The Florida Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program was created to assist low-income families in becoming self-sufficient.

That’s why it’s sorely needed in Florida at a time when families across the United States are suffering more than ever.The four main goals of the TANF program are:
•Help poor families so that their children can be taken care of at home.
•Encourage marriage, work and career preparation to reduce the dependence of dependent parents.
•Preventing out-of-wedlock pregnancies reduces the number of out-of-wedlock pregnancies.
•Encourage the establishment and maintenance of two-parent households.

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How much are people receiving through Florida’s TANF program?

Part of Florida’s US Relief Plan will be used to provide $450 and $1,000 checks. So residents are getting another much-needed cash infusion, with the state last week announcing additional payments coming directly to the 60,000 poorest households.

Families in need receive a check of $450 in financial assistance for each child living under the roof. Additionally, some first responders received their $1,000 bounty earlier this spring as a reward for their heroic efforts.

Their additional $1 billion the state received through the Pandemic Emergency Relief Program will be used to pay for stimulus checks.

Who is eligible for the TANF program in Florida?

To be eligible for these screenings, you must first be a Florida resident and U.S. citizen, legal immigrant, or qualified alien.

You must also be unemployed, work part-time, or be on a very modest salary.

To add on, one of all the following criteria must be met:
Has children under the age of 18, is pregnant, or the head of the household is under the age of 18.


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