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$300 One-Time Paycheck For Residents in Illinois On Property, Income Taxes

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Illinois Residents To Receive One-Time Paycheck On Property And Income Taxes

The Governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, is beginning to allocate money and property tax refunds for some Illinois Resident taxpayers by giving out one-time payment checks. Family Relief Plan: – offers one-time rebate. Property Tax: – tax rebate is estimated up to $300.

Income Tax Rebate:¬†Illinois resident’s taxpayers who filed as an unmarried resident will receive $1000 tax rebate.

Families who are non-independent will receive up to $300 tax rebate. However, not every single residents are qualified to receive the said rebate.

Illinois Residents to Receive One-Time Paychecks

One-time rebates offered to some Illinois residents on property and income taxes. (Photo: NBC Chicago)

Qualifications to Receive One-Time Paychecks

Under Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s Illinois Family Relief Plan, which was approved in April, one-time individual income tax and property tax rebates will be issued to those who meet certain criteria, with payments beginning in less than one week.

According to a published post by CBS News, Residents will receive the property tax rebates if you already paid your property taxes for the previous year. Unmarried people who makes less than $250,000 are qualified. Married couples who earns less than $500,000 are also eligible to receive the tax rebate.

If you stayed at Illinois residence on the previous year and makes money for less than $200,000 and filed for single, you are eligible to receive the rebate.

Tax rebates can take a month or more to be equipped, however, you can check out the Illinois tax rebate status at Illinois government website. If you’ve received your income tax refund via direct deposit or paper check, you might receive your rebate on either of the two. All Illinois residents aren’t allowed though.

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