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2nd of March’s double direct payments, totaling $914, will be received in 19 days, as per Social Security

Recipients of Supplemental Security Income will get their second of two payouts for March in 19 days.

The first installment was made on March 1 to qualified beneficiaries, and the second payout will arrive on March 31. Since April 1 falls on a Saturday this year, the April payout will be replaced by the second round. Recipients will get $1,828 in March since there will be six payments totaling $914.

Couples who qualify will get 2 payments totaling $1,371 in March, while important family members who live with SSI recipients and take care of them would receive 2 checks totaling $458.

A monthly SSI payment is normally sent by the Social Security Administration on the 1st of the month. Whenever a month’s first day falls on a weekend or a holiday, the administration issues the checks on the final business day of the earlier month to guarantee beneficiaries receive the funds on that day.

Several times per year, recipients get 2 checks in the same month, yet they still get 12 checks overall.

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