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$281 Starts To Hit the EBT Cards of Residents in Alabama

SNAP Benefits
Alabama residents start receiving increased increased SNAP benefits. (Photo: MARCA)

Many residents in Alabama are affected by the increasing inflation rate. It reduced their purchasing power and have difficulties in meeting their daily needs.

SNAP benefits

Alabama residents start receiving increased increased SNAP benefits. (Photo: MARCA)

Increased $281 Hit the EBT Cards

The USDA is now raising monthly SNAP payments to improve EBT users’ budgets each month in every state because inflation has taken a toll on grocery budgets. The USDA reviews SNAP benefit allotments annually. Holders of EBT cards now receive 12.5 percent extra money to spend at the grocery shop.

Alabama Food Assistance Director Brandon Hardin said, “The 12.5 percent is probably the most I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Last October, it started with $250 as the max allotment for an individual. Now, the max allotment for one individual is $281.”

With more than 774,000 people receiving benefits throughout the state, according to Hardin, the federal government’s mandated increase will have a significant positive impact on Alabama families. Hardin added, “We have heard from many of our SNAP recipients, especially our elderly that don’t get as many SNAP benefits, that this increase is significant enough to help them.”

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State Officials Are Working To Make Grocery Stores More Accessible

Additionally, the state is making efforts to improve access to food stores in the state’s rural regions. Hardin stated, “Food deserts in rural Alabama are an issue, but I would say in rural Jefferson County, they have become an issue.”

Moreover, the state currently collaborates with a number of grocery businesses to enable online ordering of goods that are EBT-eligible. Participants in food deserts or without access to transportation will benefit, according to Hardin.

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