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260,000 Workers May Be Eligible For New $600 Stimulus Checks – Check If You Qualify

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After months of discussion, Democratic legislators in Oregon have finally filed a bill.

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Initially, Oregon legislators flirted with legalization in the spring, with the goal of sending up to $2,000 in stimulus payments to needed workers and $1,200 to jobless people who went back to work.

In January, it was reported that it had been reduced to $1,000.

In a proposal that is now anticipated to cost the state $180 million, the one-time cheques have been reduced to $600.

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, East Portland representative Andrea Valderrama, one of the bill’s major sponsors, the lowering is due to the fact that the earlier level would have placed recipients qualify for federal taxation.

New Law Will Help Workers Get Their Payouts Without Worrying About Taxes

The new legislation essentially allows qualified workers to get the entire payout without constantly worrying about taxes.

Other Significant Changes

The original bill would have made it possible for low-income individuals to apply for stimulus funds.

However, lawmakers expressed concerns about locating a state agency or third-party partner capable of processing payments in a timely manner.

Many Oregon citizens may not have received their money until next year or even later if this approach was adopted.

Furthermore, if workers applied for the earned income tax credit (EITC) on their 2020 state taxes, they might be eligible for the payouts this time.

According to Mrs. Valderrama, people who file taxes using an ITIN rather than a Social Security number are also eligible for reimbursement.

It is projected that around 260,000 Oregon employees are eligible.

The percentages of individuals seeking the tax credit in those counties are 22.7, 19, and 18.9 %, respectively.

It’s doubtful if there would be any other requirements for the $600 payments except the ETIC and those filing taxes with an ITIN.

First Public Hearing Of The Bill

On Thursday, this new bill will have its first public hearing.