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21 People Killed at ‘Robb Elementary School’ in Uvalde County, Voted for Greg Abbott- Governor of Texas

Greg Abbott is the current Governor of Texas state. The incident happened on 24 May, in the Robb elementary school, the shooter killed 21 people and left them dead in Uvalde, Texas, United States. After months, finally, Greg Abbott is responding to this case and the incident happened in Uvalde.

Currently, Abbott won the governor of Texas post and he defeated his political competitor Beto O’Rourke. Based on and according to Dallas Morning News, Abbott has defeated him by gaining 60.27% majority votes from all 14 Uvalde counties.

Regarding the lack of Abbott’s inability to change gun control policy and transparency, he had gained a lot of criticism in the past. And also gained some criticism because of this school shooting case in his state.

The community members and people who voted for Beto are demanding an age change from 18 years to 21 years old to buy a semi-automatic rifle. They want people to get eligible to buy weapons and guns at the age of 21 years. Because it is believed that the Uvalde shooter purchased two legal weapons and guns after he turned 18 on his birthday.

On Monday, Sen. Roland Gutierrez arranged a phone call between Greg Abbott and Texas DPS after the day of the shooting happened. According to Gutierrez, the 18-year-old gunman entered the school from the back door at noon at around 11:33 A.M. Gutierrez also said, Greg Abbott received 3 phone calls from the DPS of state, regarding this situation and murder. The timing at which Greg received the phone calls are 4 P.M., 5 P.M., and the last one at 8:41 P.M. 

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