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2023 Due Date for Taxes This Month

Tax Returns Deadline 2023
Tax Returns Deadline 2023 (PHOTO: LAMUDI)
Tax Returns Deadline 2023

Tax Returns Deadline 2023 (PHOTO: TAX REBATES SERVICE)

It is very crucial to learn when taxes will end in 2023. For the majority of people, there are tons of tax deadlines to concern about rather than just the deadline for your tax return. If you fail to submit a tax deadline, the IRS can affect you hard with penalties and interest. For example, the standard penalty if you miss filing your annual tax return in time is 5 percent of the value due for every month your return is late.

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Taxes Deadline in 2023, This Month

  • January 3 – Self-Employed Individuals Pay Half of Deferred 2020 Social Security Taxes
  • January 10 – Tips for December 2022 Reported to Employer (Form 4070)
  • January 17 – Estimated Tax Payment for 4th Quarter of 2022 (Form 1040-ES)
  • January 17 – Farmers and Fishermen Pay Estimated Tax for 2022 (Form 1040-ES)
  • January 31 – File 2022 Tax Return (Form 1040) to Avoid Penalty if the Last Installment of Estimated Tax is Not Paid by the 17th of January


Three other January deadlines involve estimated tax paychecks. The 17th of January is the last day for the majority of people to pay approximately taxes for the 4th quarter of the year 2022. But you do not have to create a payment by that day if you issue your 2022 tax return by the 31st of January and give money to the whole balance due with your return. Fishermen and farmers can create a single payment for the year 2022 estimated taxes that payment is due on the 17th of January.

Tax Deadlines for February 2023

  • February 10 – Tips for January 2023 Reported to Employer (Form 4070)
  • February 15 – File Form W-4 to Reclaim Exemption from Withholding for 2023

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