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2022 Payment Schedule for COLA (Cost-of-Living-Adjustment) Social Security- Monthly Boost to be Expected by $144

The COLA- the ‘Cost of Living Adjustment’ will soon be going to provide social security and claimant. And will be given in each and every state, with an extra amount of $144.10 per month. Social Security and SSI- Supplemental Security Income will be providing benefits for around 70 million Americans and it will increase by 8.7% in the year 2023.

The new raise will begin on January 2023 for pensioners and for SSI- Supplemental Security Income, it will begin on 30 December. People can calculate benefits for the ones, who applied for it. To get benefits you must apply before the change in the website of the Social Security Administration.

In January 2023, the benefits and advantages will be payable to 65 million+ Social Security Beneficiaries. And payments for SSI beneficiaries (above 7 million) will start on 30 December 2022. Also, several people will get both SSI and Social Security benefits.

In 2022, the COLA increase is the biggest and highest ever in the last 40 years. The data and increase of the COLA in the last year were 5.9 percent.

Medicare Information on COLA in 2023

2023 is about to begin soon, and if you want to know about the medicare changes and updates for the year 2023, recipients can visit the official website at To receive medicare for social security beneficiaries, will get their new benefit amount for 2023 in December. The COLA notice, you will receive it by Email and message center of Social Security.

When it comes to the security COLA notices in December 2022, most beneficiaries can find them online in their ‘My Social Security Account’ in the message center. The online procedure and platform are the most secure and convenient methods for users to receive and find their COLA notices (online). And for later use also, users can save the message. 

You must be aware of all the notifications and choose an easy method to receive notifications, according to your preference. So, you don’t miss out on any important notifications from an online COLA notice. And also, remember, the services of Social Security are free and you don’t have to pay any charges.

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