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At their June 25 meeting, the Santa Clarita City Council officially proclaimed June as LGBTQ Pride month and wished residents a safe and happy Fourth of July.

LGBTQ Pride Month

At the previous city council meeting on June 11, Councilmember Bill Miranda proposed that June be recognized as LGBTQ Pride Month in Santa Clarita.

Mayor Marsha McLean announced that the city of Santa Clarita is proclaiming the month of June as Pride month. This month is meant to officially recognize members that identify as part of the LGBTQ community.

“We are a community where, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, all residents feel valued, safe, empowered and supported,” McLean said. “We’re not known as a family-friendly community city, one of the best in the nation, for no reason.”

Miranda was unable to be present at the meeting because he was attending the wedding of his grandson. However, he gave a comment through a previously recorded video. 

“I am proud of our diverse and inclusive community,” Miranda said. “The city of Santa Clarita was built upon diversity and we welcome people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, beliefs, values, cultures and sexual orientation. Having this magnificent blend of unique individuals is what makes our city great.”

Fourth of July

During committee reports, Councilmember Laurene Weste invited members of the community to support the Fourth of July Parade and watch the fireworks show at Westfield Valencia Town Center. 

“Let us see professional, free fireworks [to] keep our families safe,” Weste said. “We’re entirely in a fire zone in this valley and we cannot and should not violate nature’s law. Fire will burn whatever it can, and we are surrounded by heavy vegetation in this valley.”

McLean said that the sheriff’s department will also be making an effort to identify problem areas of illegal firework use through the mobile app, Resident Service Center.

“The city of Santa Clarita has added a new feature to our Resident Service Center, which is also known as RSC,” McLean said. “Residents can now search illegal fireworks on the mobile app. They can then pinpoint the exact location where fireworks are being set off and include incident-specific details.”

The information reported is then automatically sent to the sheriff’s department, so they know where to focus their patrols. Although these reports will not result in an immediate response from the police, McLean said it is to be used “primarily for tracking and information gathering purposes.”

Concerts in the Park

According to the City of Santa Clarita website, Concerts in the Park will begin July 6 until August 24. This years lineup consists of eight free concerts. The concerts are held at Central Park at 7 p.m. on Saturdays. Mayor Pro Tem Cameron Smyth said during his committee report that this next week will be the kickoff of Concerts in the Park.  

“It’s a great family event, so certainly encourage everyone to take advantage of it and hopefully the heat will stay down a little bit this summer,” Smyth said.

The 2019-2020 annual operating budget

The fiscal year 2019-2020 annual operating budget and capital improvement program was presented once more for final adoption. 

“The city’s budget totals $225.9 million,” according to the meeting agenda. “This includes funding for capital projects, sheriff’s budget, Redevelopment Successor Agency, operations and maintenance, capital outlay, and debt services. Fiscal year 2019-2020 general fund appropriations total $113.6 million. General fund revenues total $114 million.”

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Santa Clarita City Council declares June Pride Month
Article Name
Santa Clarita City Council declares June Pride Month
At their June 25 meeting, the Santa Clarita City Council officially proclaimed June as LGBTQ Pride month and wished residents a safe and happy Fourth of July.
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