March 29, 2020
  • 8:47 am John Zaring | The Rational Center: Why Trump Will Lose in a Historic Landslide!
  • 5:25 pm
  • 10:10 am From the Publisher: A Quick Anniversary Update
  • 10:30 am Coast Guard veteran Eric Ohlsen to challenge Assemblymember Tom Lackey
  • 11:00 am Black ‘N Blue fights to break The SCV Curse

You’ve heard of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  Today is Giving Tuesday.

For those of you that don’t know, Giving Tuesday is the day to give to non-profits for the holidays. Nonprofits are essential in this country and it’s important to support as many as you can throughout the entire year. Today, as President of Radio Free Santa Clarita, I’m reaching out to all of you who read The Proclaimer — a subsidiary of RFSC — and ask you to give to our organization.

Why should you give? Do you benefit or will you benefit from The Proclaimer, The Talk of Santa Clarita podcast or any of the other projects that RFSC is working on for the future? If the answer is “yes,” then we ask that you help make that happen.

We work hard to help benefit the community by bringing alternative media to the Santa Clarita Valley. Regardless of how you feel about other local news outlets, with a city the size of Santa Clarita,  we believe there is a need for more media to be available to the citizens.  Honestly, is it possible to have too much news available to the public?

That is why The Talk of Santa Clarita podcast was launched three years ago and has since interviewed more than 120 people, with guests ranging from Congressman Steve Knight to Congresswoman-elect Katie Hill.  It is also why RFSC co-sponsored the 25th Congressional District Primary Debate at the Newhall Auditorium in April.  We are currently in early plans to host another event in the near future.

Most importantly, our dedication to alternative media is why we created The Proclaimer, with hopes of helping to fill in coverage gaps throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.

The majority of the people involved with RFSC are volunteers committed to helping the community, but like everything in the world, it still costs money to make things happen. We need funds to pay our reporters, to keep our website up and to keep expanding to continue bringing you coverage of the latest news.

This is why I am reaching out to you now on Giving Tuesday. Please help to keep Radio Free Santa Clarita going and give today. You can do so by clicking here.

We’re more than appreciative of every donation, whether it’s $5 or $20. If every single person who has read a Proclaimer article or listened to a Talk of Santa Clarita podcast pitched in $20 each, we’d be sitting pretty.

Now, here’s the real pitch: Radio Free Santa Clarita is a nonprofit, which means you are not only donating to a good cause which you can benefit from directly, you get a tax deduction to the fullest extent the law will allow!   

I want to thank you personally in advance for supporting Radio Free Santa Clarita. You make what we do possible. You make the difference.

From all of us at Radio Free Santa Clarita, we wish you a Happy Everything this holiday season.


Stephen Daniels is the president of Radio Free Santa Clarita, The Proclaimer’s parent nonprofit organization.

Give today by clicking here.

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From the Publisher: The one thing we ask of you
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From the Publisher: The one thing we ask of you
Our dedication to alternative media is why we created The Proclaimer. Invest in our mission by giving to Radio Free Santa Clarita this Giving Tuesday.
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The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer
Stephen Daniels

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