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On Thursday, Nov. 15, Representative-elect Katie Hill (D-Palmdale) joined Representative-elect Mike Levin (D-Oceanside) in formally declaring support for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) in her bid for Speaker of the House.

The two newly elected Californian representatives released a joint letter on Thursday morning praising Pelosi. “Our ability to deliver on those promises and be the kinds of representatives that the people of our districts deserve depends on leadership that is bold, pragmatic and capable of swift results,” they said in the letter. “This is why we support Nancy Pelosi for speaker.”

Other supporters of Pelosi’s campaign for the speakership include current members of the California House delegation such as Rep. Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles).

The joint letter from Hill and Levin follows the development of an insurgent group of about 20 representatives looking to challenge Pelosi’s bid for the speakership. The group includes both newcomers such as Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York City) and incumbents such as Oregonian Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Salem).

Local Democrats are also divided on Hill’s support for Pelosi.

Democratic Alliance for Action Vice President Andrew Taban believes Hill made the right decision to back Pelosi for Speaker. “[Hill] placing support behind Ms. Pelosi — and with her reasoning behind it — shows that she is not in D.C. to battle with petty politics, but is ready to get to work and represent the 25th District,” Taban said. “I admire her commitment to our community and thank her for putting the people over politics.”

Other activists like Shawnee Badger, who coordinates local hangouts for the Our Revolution Santa Clarita Valley chapter and the Democratic Socialists of America Los Angeles chapter, are disappointed with Hill’s decision. “Even if Nancy Pelosi was our best and only option, which I refuse to believe she is, I will disagree with [Hill] in her praises of her,” Shawnee Badger said. “I believe there are criticisms to be made and that must be made in order for us to push our country in a more progressive direction.”

Despite disagreeing with Hill’s stance on Pelosi’s bid for the speakership, progressive health care activist Ryan Skolnick defended Hill’s decision to back Pelosi.

“I understand Katie’s support of Nancy Pelosi, and to be frank, out of all the prospects for Speaker, she’s by far the most palatable,” Skolnick said. “But we need a Speaker who understands the moment we are in and will do what needs to be done on behalf of everyone left behind for so long, and I just don’t see Nancy Pelosi as that person.”

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Representative-elect Katie Hill backs Pelosi for Speaker
Article Name
Representative-elect Katie Hill backs Pelosi for Speaker
On Nov. 15, Representative-elect Katie Hill joined Representative-elect Mike Levin in formally declaring support for Rep. Nancy Pelosiin her bid for Speaker of the House.
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