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Two of the most competitive races in the state of California include the Santa Clarita Valley. The 25th Congressional District and the 38th Assembly District are both traditionally Republican seats that have drifted towards an even Democrat/Republican split. This change has led to tens of thousands of volunteers advocating for their preferred candidates and a lot of annoyed constituents.

As bothersome as it is, campaign volunteers knock on your door while you’re relaxing on the weekend or call you while you’re watching TV after a long day at work because research has shown that having conversations with voters is the single most effective way to get someone to vote. Mailers, commercials and yard signs help, but nothing beats a person-to-person conversation. That’s why volunteers will canvass a neighborhood multiple times before an election.

Luckily, there’s a not-so-secret trick to get everything I just described to stop: return your vote-by-mail ballot as early as you can. Because the entire point of all campaigning is to persuade voters, there is no point in persuading someone who has already cast their ballot.

As soon as you receive your ballot, fill it out and return it — no postage required. It’ll take a few days, but as soon as the county receives your ballot, you’re good to go. Phone calls should stop and canvassers will stop knocking unless there are more voters in your house.

In that case, get them to send in their ballots today!


Nathan Bousfield is a Valencia resident, the Santa Clarita Valley Young Democrats’ President and the Democratic Alliance for Action’s Recording Secretary.

The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer’s opinion section does not represent the official opinions of Radio Free Santa Clarita, its board and its supporters.

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Nathan Bousfield | How to get canvassers to stop knocking on your door
Article Name
Nathan Bousfield | How to get canvassers to stop knocking on your door
Valencia resident Nathan Bousfield shares the simple trick to stopping canvassers from knocking on your door: if you vote by mail, return your ballot.
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The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer



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