July 5, 2020
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With all the issues that the public is expected to care about, voters are left with a lot of questions. The long list of electoral issues is such a monster that many of us pick something to focus on – just one little slice of the larger pie that appeals to us the most.

As a veteran myself, my electoral focus is on veterans. Not only am I viewing each proposition and candidate through the perspective of a veteran, but I also want to get veterans elected at the local level. I thank Bill Miranda and Steve Knight for their service, but I and the more liberal veterans feel like we’ve been hung out to dry more than once by their respective votes. It’s time to elect some veterans that aren’t so hard right and can truly represent the way the majority of us are leaning these days. Centrist is fine by me.

Unfortunately, we have a serious lack of veterans running, especially on the liberal side. One veteran tried to run for city council but was backed off by the Democratic power structure and their asinine strategy of only running three Democrats for three open seats on the council. I guess they never heard of playing the odds. They also don’t appear to believe that running a veteran in a traditionally red city holds any value. They just went with their favorites. That snubbed veteran, Chris Werthe, was pointed toward a specific Hart School Board race, which he entered. He again wasn’t the Democratic darling, so the local Democratic club again endorsed their favorite non-veteran candidate.

I guess if you’re a liberal veteran in Santa Clarita, you even have to fight for love within your own party. You also just have to suck it up when the Democratic candidate for Congress is being billed in ads as “a veteran’s daughter” and “a strong new voice for veterans.” That was offensive to a lot of local veterans like me.

We supposedly love our veterans in Santa Clarita.

To the local Democrats, I say: prove it.


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Gretchen Zovak | Progressives need to prove support for veterans
Article Name
Gretchen Zovak | Progressives need to prove support for veterans
Columnist Gretchen Zovak criticizes local Democrats for neglecting liberal veterans.
Publisher Name
The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer
Gretchen Zovak

Gretchen Zovak is a veteran living in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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