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A local resident who was accused of sexual harassment is scheduled to appear in court for sending annoying messages on Thursday, Oct. 11.

Shane Michael Falsey was initially arrested for making annoying calls on June 6 but was released from custody shortly after.

According to dozens of local women online, Falsey repeatedly sent unsolicited vulgar and threatening messages to them. He allegedly sent photos of his penis to several of them.

“I had to block him,” Kasha Moon said in a Facebook comment on Jan. 9. “He harassed me when I was underage.”

“I was too [sic] harassed by this guy for about 2-3 years on dating sites, he called me the N- word when I told him I wasn’t interested in him and he would call me ‘babe’ or ‘sexy,'” victim JusTina Lynn Johnson said in another Facebook post on Jan. 16. “I would just block him but he found ways to message me. I regret not taking a picture of all of the messages he has sent me I hope this man goes to prison for a long time.”

Victims of Falsey’s harassment organized online under the #STOPShaneMichaelFalsey and #MeTooSCV hashtags and rallied on Jan. 20 near the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station to demand justice.

“We need to demonstrate that we stand with them and admire their bravery for coming forward and sharing their stories,” rally host Brett Haddock said.

The rally not only gained local coverage but also attracted attention from regional news networks such as ABC7 and CBS Los Angeles. At least three victims then filed a complaint with the local sheriff’s department.

“I hope every woman who was harassed by this man shows up for the arraignment,” local resident Peg Golden Arrington said in a Facebook comment. “It’ll be worth making the point to this man that he can’t get away with this forever.”

Although Falsey has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual abuse by victims online, the official accusation for which he will appear in court is a violation of California Penal Code 653m, which categorizes harassment via electronic communications as a misdemeanor.

Falsey’s arraignment is scheduled for this Thursday at the Santa Clarita Courthouse.

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#MeTooSCV: Local man accused of sexual harassment to appear in court
Article Name
#MeTooSCV: Local man accused of sexual harassment to appear in court
Shane Michael Falsey was accused of sexually harassing dozens of local women and is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 11.
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