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Local nonprofit organization feedSCV is auctioning off Santa Clarita’s top chefs for its inaugural fundraiser and gala.

FeedSCV was founded in 2015 by Scott Ervin and Todd Wilson. The organization works to “make eating fresh, local and sustainable every day within everyone’s reach,” according to their website.

“When we approached the idea of launching our first major fundraising function, I knew it had to be something unique,” Wilson said. “I also wanted it to connect strongly with our mission and what we do for the community. I reached out to a few restaurant owners and got a good response, and it grew from there.”

During the fundraiser, local chefs will be auctioned off to cook personalized meals for the top bidders. Chefs up for auction include The Newhall Refinery’s Dustin Boole and Iris Sifuentes and The Old Town Junction’s Daniel Otto.

“We are excited to have captured the essence of [the local culinary scene’s] growth with the chefs who are participating in our inaugural event,” Ervin said. “It is also a testament to the generosity of local business owners.”

Tickets for the fundraiser recently went on sale, and community interest in the event is growing.

“We’ve just started getting the word out about the tickets and we’re seeing a good amount of feedback and interest on our social media in response,” Wilson said. “In the first 10 days, we’ve got about a fourth of the tickets already spoken for.”

All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit feedSCV and help fund its various community projects.

“We’d like to build up a pretty robust portable teaching kitchen and be less reliant on volunteers providing us with kitchen tools for when we teach classes and such,” Wilson said. “We’re also looking to lay a lot of groundwork in the coming year for partnerships to provide nutritional needs for students in the valley who are homeless and unable to get reliable access to meals away from school.”

The fundraiser and gala will be held at the Sand Canyon Country Club on Thurs. October 18 at 6:30 p.m. More information about the fundraiser can be found here.


Disclosure: Scott Ervin is a board member of Radio Free Santa Clarita.

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Nonprofit feedSCV auctioning top local chefs for inaugural fundraiser
Article Name
Nonprofit feedSCV auctioning top local chefs for inaugural fundraiser
For its first signature fundraiser, feedSCV is auctioning off the Santa Clarita Valley's top chefs to cook personalized meals for the top bidders.
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The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer
Brianna Bricker

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