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Congressional candidate Katie Hill speaks to local voters. Chad Kampbell / The Proclaimer

On Sunday evening, local candidates endorsed by the Democratic Alliance for Action gathered to mingle with voters at a Newhall home.

The meet and greet was hosted by Neighbor2Neighbor, the precinct organizing committee of DAA. DAA is the oldest and largest Democratic Party club in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Approximately 120 local residents attended the event. Writer and activist Anthony Breznican served as emcee for the evening.

DAA President Michelle Kampbell fired up the crowd by discussing her excitement about the upcoming election.

“We want to reach out to people we haven’t reached out to before and let the community know they have another option on Election Day,” Kampbell said.

DAA’s membership recently voted to endorse Santa Clarita City Council candidates Brett Haddock, Logan Smith and Diane Trautman. “My campaign is powered by ordinary people coming together in kitchens and living rooms and backyards to work for positive change in our community. Neighbor2Neighbor embodies that fundamentally and it was wonderful to see so many Santa Clarita residents come together to stand up for our shared values,” Smith said.

The club’s membership also voted to endorse school board candidates David Barlavi (Saugus Union School District, Area 1), Laura Arrowsmith (SUSD, Area 2), Chris Trunkey (SUSD, Area 5), Donna Robert (William S. Hart Union School District, Area 2) and Kelly Trunkey (WSHUD, Area 5).

Katie Hill, the Democratic nominee for the 25th Congressional District, emphasized the importance of local races. “These local races are the backbones of what we’re doing,” Hill said. “It doesn’t matter who’s in the White House, who’s in Congress and who’s in the Senate — if we have strong leaders here in our community, we’re able to fight.”

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City council candidate Brett Haddock was surprised by the number of attendees at the event. “It was fantastic turnout and so awesome to see so many people spending their evening getting to know all the candidates up and down the ballot,” Haddock said. “We’re seeing more and more people becoming civically engaged, which definitely gives you hope for the future.”

“The gathering provided an ideal environment to build support for me and other Democratic candidates,” Trautman said. “I am delighted to have had the opportunity to speak with supporters and discuss my campaign with those I hadn’t met before. Jeri Boyd, Barbara Creme, Michelle Kampbell, Anthony Breznican and the entire team of organizers deserve kudos for this very successful event.”

Although Christy Smith, candidate for the 38th Assembly District, was unable to attend due to a prior campaign commitment elsewhere, her campaign continues to ramp up campaign activities.

“We’re doing phone banks and canvasses,” Christy Smith for Assembly Volunteer Coordinator Robert LaBounty said. “We’re reaching out to voters to show them that we’re accessible, that we’re listening and that we’re paying attention to them and that we want to work with them to help flip the seat.”

Kassie King, the Deputy Communications Director on the Katie Hill for Congress campaign, is also focused on making sure the Hill campaign continues to connect with voters. “People are so motivated, we’ve never seen ground game like what exists in the 25th right now and that’s because of these incredible local organizations and tireless activists,” King said. “We’re able to connect to more voters more personally than ever before.”


Disclosure: Chad Kampbell is the spouse of Michelle Kampbell.

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Local Democratic Club Hosts Meet and Greet for Endorsed Candidates
Article Name
Local Democratic Club Hosts Meet and Greet for Endorsed Candidates
Local candidates endorsed by the Democratic Alliance for Action gathered to mingle with voters at a Newhall home.
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The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer
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