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Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

Santa Clarita is full of coffee shops — there are over 25 Starbucks locations in the Santa Clarita Valley alone. There are also numerous other chain locations and local coffee shops that consumers can choose from. Supporting local businesses can be hard when you have so many options and aren’t familiar with local options, so we visited Santa Clarita’s local coffee shops and reviewed them to help you decide where to get your coffee fix.

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

The Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders Santa Clarita location is conveniently located at the intersection of Soledad Canyon Road and Bouquet Canyon. It is a newer coffee shop that has quickly become popular — and for good reason. They have a large selection of drinks and food and offer many varieties of whole bean coffee. Bodhi Leaf also offers plenty of plant-based milk alternatives, as well as a rotating selection of vegan and gluten-free snacks.

Bodhi Leaf gets bonus points for using frosted mugs to serve cold drinks, which gives the location a more upscale feel while also being environmentally conscious.

Recommended items: hot cascara coffee cherry tea, iced spiced mocha, bear claw

Coffee Kiosk

One of Santa Clarita’s most well-known local coffee spots is Coffee Kiosk. With a walk-up location at the Canyons Valencia campus and two drive-through locations on Bouquet Canyon Road and Lyons Avenue, Coffee Kiosk has convenient locations throughout the valley. They also have a rewards program for a free drink every 10 visits. Coffee Kiosk is a great place to head to for a quick coffee fix.

Recommended items: hot chai tea latte, iced cappuccino, croissant breakfast sandwich (offered at the COC Valencia location)

Honu Coffee

Located near Old Town Newhall, Honu Coffee is known for their draft nitro cold brew and their Ono Chai. Their location and 10% student discount make it a popular destination for many of the valley’s college students. The ambience is very cozy, and there is an upstairs loft with plenty of power outlets for working and studying. Board games are available for study breaks.

Recommended items: hot Ono Chai, iced nitro cold brew, ham and cheese croissant

It’s a Grind Coffee House

It’s a Grind Coffee House is located in Castaic just off The Old Road. It’s a cozy cafe that’s great for hanging out or studying. They also have a shelf of books that anyone can borrow books from to read during their visit to the coffee shop. Their staff is exceptionally friendly, and they have a large offering of specialty drinks. It’s a Grind offers Castaic and Val Verde residents an even more convenient, local option for coffee.

Recommended items: hot nutty cow hazelnut latte, iced blended coconut crunch, tarragon chicken salad sandwich

Onyx Coffee

Onyx is another kiosk coffee shop, located off of Soledad Canyon in Canyon Country. They have both drive-through and walk-up windows. They have only been open for about a year, but they’ve already become a popular destination for good coffee in Santa Clarita.

Recommended items: hot Americano, iced vanilla coffee, sour cream apple cranberry muffin

Undergrounds Coffeehouse

Undergrounds Coffeehouse is located near and associated with Real Life Church on Newhall Ranch Road.  It’s a popular place for churchgoers to grab a drink before their services, but it is definitely worth being visited by anyone looking for great local coffee. Undergrounds serves delicious drinks, friendly service and beautiful indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Recommended items: Signature Latte (made with agave, cinnamon, and cayenne), iced lavender latte, roasted veggie and pesto sandwich


Go out and try a new place to get your coffee, and support some of Santa Clarita’s small, local businesses in the process! There’s plenty of great options to choose from.

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Local Brews: Santa Clarita's Local Coffee Shops, Reviewed
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Local Brews: Santa Clarita's Local Coffee Shops, Reviewed
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