July 3, 2020
  • 8:47 am John Zaring | The Rational Center: Why Trump Will Lose in a Historic Landslide!
  • 5:25 pm
  • 10:10 am From the Publisher: A Quick Anniversary Update
  • 10:30 am Coast Guard veteran Eric Ohlsen to challenge Assemblymember Tom Lackey
  • 11:00 am Black ‘N Blue fights to break The SCV Curse

Hundreds of years ago, town news was delivered by a town crier — or “proclaimer” — as he walked the streets. For some towns it was the only way to inform the public and deliver the news. Taking that name and simple action as inspiration, Radio Free Santa Clarita presents to you The SCV Proclaimer!

The SCV Proclaimer is an extension of the non-profit Radio Free Santa Clarita (a 501c-3) which was founded to educate, inform and entertain the public of the Santa Clarita Valley.

We know that a local newspaper, radio and tv station already exist in the Santa Clarita Valley, but Santa Clarita is already the third largest city in Los Angeles County. There is room for another source for news to keep the public as well-informed as possible.

Our approach is simple: We aim for accurate and fair reporting of the news in the SCV. It’s our goal for you to be able to say with confidence “I trust The Proclaimer.”

As part of Radio Free Santa Clarita, The SCV Proclaimer will not be funded by advertising.  Instead, we will depend on the generosity of donors, volunteers and supporters to help maintain this news source.

Everything about this venture will be time-consuming, tough and require a lot of work but nothing exciting is ever easy and there is nothing more satisfying than contributing to the community in a positive way.  We hope you will continue to check out The Proclaimer as we start this journey and invite you to get on board with us for this adventure.  Whether you are interested in donating, volunteering or just want to read the news — welcome.

So with that out of the way, let’s get to it!

We will be officially launching late August 2018.

The Proclaimer Santa Clarita Valley is a local news and media outlet that covers local news and community activities throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. The Proclaimer is entirely community-funded and relies on local support.

The mission of Radio Free Santa Clarita is to educate, inform and entertain the public of the Santa Clarita Valley with news through any medium available. Built primarily upon volunteers, RFSC exists to ensure that differing viewpoints are always available to the public.

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