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$1,827 and $4,194 Automatic Payments Are About To Go Out, Here’s What You Should Know


Extra cash is given out to millions of Americans for the very first time. Social Security recipients can receive money every month worth between $1,827 and $4,194 due to the 8.7 percent cost-of-living-adjustment.

The payments will go out on the second, third, and fourth Wednesday of the month but it depends on the recipient’s birthdate.

The Automatic Payments Will Be Given Out Depending On Your Birthdate 

If the birthday of the recipient is between the first and the 10th, the payment will be deposited to them on the second Wednesday of each month.

If the birthday of the recipient falls from the 11th through the 20th, it will be deposited on the third Wednesday of each month.

Meanwhile, if the recipient’s birthday is on the 21st-31st, it will be deposited on the fourth Wednesday of each month.