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$180 Inflation Relief Checks in Michigan: Will Whitmer Give Stimulus Payments?

Inflation Relief Checks Coming to These Western States
Record-high inflation after a global pandemic has wreaked havoc on most Americans’ bank accounts. Recognizing this, some states are continuing to provide financial assistance to their residents, sending a round of inflation relief checks this year. (Photo via LifestyleVisuals / Getty Images/iStockphoto)

If a plan from Democratic state legislators receives some Republican backing, Michigan citizens may receive larger tax returns this year. Democrats, backed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, are recommending that the state give $180 tax rebates—which they are referring to as inflation relief checks—to Michigan taxpayers who file returns for the 2022 tax year. 

Every income tax return would be eligible for $180, in contrast to other cheques the federal and state governments have given in previous years. According to an estimate by the state’s House Fiscal Agency, this indicates that both a couple filing jointly and a single filer would earn $180. If a married couple files individually, they would each receive $90. The refund might be sent to the taxpayer as a paper cheque in the mail or as a direct transfer into their bank account. 

Inflation Relief Checks

California will release Inflation Relief Checks until mid-January 2023. (Photo: The U.S. Sun)

“Right now, inflation has driven the cost up on everyday goods, which is squeezing household budgets and forcing families to forego necessities,” Whitmer and state Democratic leaders said in a statement. “That’s why they sent us to Lansing to lower costs and put more money back into people’s pockets.”

Michigan Inflation Relief Checks 2023: Who is Eligible?

AS, citing Governor Whitmer’s plan, states that any resident of the state who has submitted their tax return for the most recent fiscal year is eligible to receive the payment. 

Since the idea is still in the proposal stage, this is the only information that is currently available on the subject. Couples who file jointly, however, can expect to get just one check. The relationship between the number of dependents and the amount of money is unclear. 

There is no specific deadline for distributing compensation because the law has not yet become official; nonetheless, industry professionals believe that the first cheques will be paid in the spring. In the upcoming week, the Governor will provide further information.

Michigan Live also reiterated whether a $180 rebate check will soon be sent to taxpayers is uncertain after a hasty finish to the legislative week last Thursday.

This is due to the fact that House Bill 4001, the legislation from which the checks are derived, must be given immediate effect in order for the refunds to be provided. This is only possible if two-thirds of the senators who were elected and are currently in office support the proposal. 

Whatever is contained in a bill cannot go into effect until 90 days after the legislature adjourns for the year, unless it is granted instant effect.

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Why Republicans Are Reluctant to Support the Proposal

Bridge Michigan said that Republicans have challenged Whitmer’s argument for the one-time payments, claiming that they don’t offer the type of long-term tax relief checks that locals require. They claim that Democrats are using it as a ruse to avoid activating a Republican-passed provision that lowers the state’s income tax when the surplus exceeds a particular threshold. 

Sen. Aric Nesbitt (R-Porter Township) stated in a tweet that real, long-term assistance is what citizens of Michigan want, not some covert, complicated strategy that prevents an income tax drop and doesn’t help all seniors and struggling families.

The same Bridge Michigan report mentioned that the Democratic proposal would also place a cap on future automatic rate rollbacks by funneling up to $500 million in tax revenue into a fund for corporate incentives aimed at luring major corporations to Michigan. 

Whitmer’s proposal would benefit low-wage employees more than the Republican one this year, at least. Tax cuts would result in annual savings of $52 for taxpayers making $30,000 vs $210 for those making $100,000. 

Republicans want a lower income tax rate since it is permanent and will ultimately save all taxpayers more money than a one-time payment.

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